Our Exceptional Plumber Provides Emergency Plumbing Services to Lower Your Water and Energy Bills in Thornlie

Drips B Gone can provide plumbing services in Thornlie that can save you water and money with high-efficiency fixtures. If you are having plumbing issues or it’s just time for a change, we can discuss how we can lower your energy and water bills. An unbelievable amount of water runs through a home’s plumbing every day and increasing the efficiency can make a noticeable difference.

Ways Drips B Gone Can Save You Money

Toilets are not created equal because some use more water per flush than others. Low flow toilets use about half the water of older models so you can drastically reduce your water usage by switching. Dual flush toilets are low flow toilets that allow you to choose how much water you use with each flush. You can use a smaller amount for easy flushes or a higher volume for more bulky deposits. Dual flush toilets are a little more expensive, but the extra cost is offset by the amount you will save in your water bill.

Shower heads have improved over the last few years to use less water but still give you the pressure and coverage you desire. A high-efficiency head can typically save you about 2 litres of water each minute. We can install aerators to sink and tub faucets which cut down water usage without sacrificing pressure as well.

If you are doing a major renovation of your bathroom where you change out the tub and sink, consider the size you really need. Soaking in a tub is a luxurious experience most people enjoy but soaking in a smaller tub can be just as rewarding. If you opt for a smaller tub you can use the extra space for other needs such as storage. You should also consider the size of your sink basin. Large sinks look opulent, but you should ask yourself if you truly need it considering you want to save water.

An on-demand water heater saves energy because it doesn’t store a tankful of hot water which needs regular reheating. Instead, it heats water as you use it and doesn’t waste energy. On-demand water heaters also are smaller and can be placed closer to the points of use.

Our Emergency Plumber in Thornlie Stops Property Damage

Leaks and drips cost homeowners a lot of money in wasted water and property damage. If the leak causes pooling in your walls and ceiling or on the floor, our emergency plumber in Thornlie can prevent structural damage. Our plumber in Thornlie can quickly fix leaks that you see. However, we can also inspect your property regularly for those you don’t notice. Those are the ones that can create a lot of damage over time, so it’s essential we find them and repair them.

If you are ready to save money on your water bill contact Drips B Gone and we can discuss your plumbing in Thornlie and give you a free quote. Our family wants to help your family and remember, we also provide discounts for pensioners.